Using of customer portal and bonus points system

To integrate the customers into our research project we started with the customer portal and the bonus system at the beginning of July 2011. The bonus system should motivate the customers to use electricity from renewable sources when it’s available (solar energy and wind power). 200 participants from the supply area of the HEAG Südhessische Energie AG (HSE) could be recruited for this project. From the beginning of April 2011 smart meters were installed in their households. The consumption data was transferred to a control centre and led over into the customer portal. The customers had the possibility to observe their consumption data online by entering their password. The customer portal started on the 1st of August 2011 and lasted about one year.

The average load profile which was defined initially according to the size of the respective household represented one of the fundamental bases of the bonus system. Furthermore, the customers received the day-ahead schedules with the green and red phases each evening at around 6 p.m. via SMS or e-mail. During the green phases a large amount of renewable energy like wind power or solar energy were available whereas during the red phases the contribution of renewable sources was low and the market price increased. The phases could be used by the customers as a guideline to shift their controllable and significant demand like washing machines, dryers or dish washers. The customers received bonus points if they used their devices in green phases and if their consumption remained above the reference profile. The consumption had to lie below the reference profile to receive bonus points in a red phase.

Consumption analyses of two active families are presented under the headlines  2-person or 4-person household. Two weeks are shown in the graphic: one week in winter and one in summer. They demonstrate a significant load shift regarding the reference profiles.


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