Approach and units

Smart Grids require the linking of its clients. Consequently, an advanced information and communication infrastructure shall be established in the distribution network of the HSE AG. Web2Energy has set the target to avoid the errors of the past with many proprietary and vendor specific solutions. This project will strictly use advanced, established and prospective international standards. With that the direction for follow– up projects is set with the goal that all clients of the Smart Grids will speak the same language – regarding the communication on one hand and the data management on the other hand.

The data models and services of the advanced standard series IEC 61850 for substation communication are used. Web2 Energy supports in this way the ongoing work in the IEC bodies for extension, adaptation and improvement of the standards series regarding their application for smart grids solutions. The standard series will be extended for the application of various physical channels as well.
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In the data bases of all smart grids clients common information models (CIM) in accordance with IEC 61968 will be applied. With that data files can be exchanged without problems between the different users, between the network operator and the trader for example.
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The large amount of tasks will be split into steps, work packages and milestones. They reach from the acquisition of clients data, the development of concepts and strategies  via the development of new software solutions and installations of equipment and control centers up to the trial operation and evaluation of benefits.
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