Data management based on uniform data formats

The realization of Smart Distribution Grids creates a large amount of data used by different stakeholders.

Today, different data management systems are in use for grid operation and enterprise management. They are developed and installed by different vendors, each providing proprietary solutions. Generally, a common standard for data formats and database management is not applied. The enterprises still suffer from data and productivity islands.

In this situation, the same data is often present in different data systems but is differently modelled in many different ways. Changes in the data require changes in all systems at the same time. Otherwise, data consistency will be lost. Figure 1 illustrates in blue the various data bases of the market players.


Enterprise data base systems and unification by data warehouse

The challenge will be to coordinate all these databases through one overlaying data warehouse based on common information models (CIM) accordingly IEC 61968 for distribution management and IEC 61970 for transmission system management, illustrated in Figure 1 in red. The data warehouse provides the link to all other data bases and so ensures data consistency. In this way, the present disastrous state, with its varying data structures, can be overcome in existing management systems.

In the Web2Energy project the application of different management systems based on various data formats will be avoided from the beginning. All databases will use the common information model CIM in the systems of all stakeholders like traders, distribution network operators. This approach allows a seamless and consistent transfer of data between the different applications. Furthermore, all process data arriving from the devices like meters or remote terminal units will be transferred at the database level immediately into the CIM format. This approach is first applied in distribution systems and sets benchmarks. The Otto von Guericke University of Magdeburg will implement this innovative data management supported by Delphin Informatika from Russia.


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