Web2Energy will be executed with three milestones and seven work packages within three years. All activities are coordinated by work package 7 "Project Management".

The first milestone "Concepts and strategies" contains the work package 1:

  • Evaluation of the technical data of all clients of the Smart Grid
  • Definition of the data to be exchanged
  • Communication links to connect the clients
  • Strategic-technical concepts
  • Aggregation of the virtual power plant, operation and market participation
  • Introduction, visualization  and billing of dynamic tariffs
  • Automation and remote control of a 20 kV loop
  • Data management and new tasks of the control centre

The first milestone will be finalized at the end of 2010.

Within the framework of the second milestone "Design, Installations and Module test", three work packages will be handled at once.

In work package 2, all information to be exchanged will be modeled in IEC 61850 telegrams. If necessary, extensions of data models of IEC 61850 will be developed and brought into the standardization process. Furthermore, the mapping of the application layer (data model and services) to various physical layers will be defined and brought into the IEC working groups. (The application of IEC 61850 in the substation is based on 500 MBd optical Ethernet.) The development of communication via IEC 61850 will be executed for meters and remote terminal units.

Work package 3 deals with the architecture of the communication network of HEAG Medianet. If necessary, new methods will be implemented to make communication faster, more reliable and more secure.

In work package 4 a control centre will be developed which is applied only for project purposes and operates in parallel with the existing control centre. It will communicate with IEC 61850 and will provide data management in accordance with IEC 61968. This control centre will provide supervision and control of the three pillars of smart dirtribution.

Within milestone 2, all new developed components of the smart grid system are tested and released by the end of 2011.

The last milestone "Operation and benefit evaluation" contains work package 5 "System integration, test and trial operation" and work package 6 "Continuous operation and exploitation experience".

Work package 5 ends with a public demonstration of the new capabilities of the distribution network in June 2012. During the subsequent continuous operation until December 2012 more experience will be made and benefits evaluated. Furthermore, a concept will be developed of how the new technical solutions can be integrated into the regular operation of the Distribution network operator Rhein-Main-Neckar GmbH & Co. KG.


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