Planned Dissemination

General information of the public
The goals and results of the project "Web2Energy" are of interest worldwide. Often consumers and network operators are skeptical about the point of the new functions. However, the problems regarding vanishing resources of fossil energy, environmental protection as well as the current low energy efficiency must lead to a change of thinking.

Without SmartGrids there will not be sustainable, secure, ecological and reliable power supply in the future.

That is why a permanent information of the public is an important goal of the project.

This Website will be updated continuously to provide the latest news not only to the non-technical public, but also to the decision makers in industry and politics.

Publications will be provided in two ways:

  • for the general public in daily and weekly newspapers and journals
  • for the experts in conferences and technical journals

The first press conference will be held on March 22nd 2010 in Darmstadt with the attendance of the project team and high representatives of the European Commission and of the HSE AG.

Two papers about the project will be presented at the world conference for electricity grids CIGRE in August 2010 in Paris. This is a fast start!
The press in the countries of the project partners in Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland and Poland will be continuously informed in their native language.
Nowadays television hast popular science shows that deal with the power supply of the future. It is planned that the project will be presented in such a series.
The clients of HSE AG will receive information letters about the targets and benefits of the project at the beginning.
The consortium is planning workshops in Darmstadt:
The first workshop is with clients of the smart grid concept - to inform, but also to get feedback with ideas and desires. Political and business decision makers are invited as well.
The second workshop hopes to link up with parallel European or German projects (German projects under the brand "E- Energy"). The goal is to swap experience as well as good solutions and to build a broad base for a global support of the standardization efforts of W2E. Vendors and network operators which are not involved in similar projects are invited as well. It is foreseen that the workshop will be organized under the umbrella of a renowned international organization.

HSE AG will open a permanent communications platform "A Dialogue on Energy of the Future" for research and development purposes in climate and environmental protection.
The system integration will end with a special demonstration event. On the first day of the event providers of smart distribution solutions, politica decision makers and the European Commission will be invited. The second day will be a "open house day" for HSE customers with a poster exhibition and the demonstration of the new control and supervision abilities on a large screen outside the control centre.


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