it4power, Zug (CH)

it4power is a consulting company to the power industry. Our focus is the use of information technology to create the smarter grid. Substation automation and IEC 61850 are key elements.

Continuing the experience and reputation as an independent IEC 61850 and Smart Grid specialist consultancy established since 2005, the new name in 2010 reflects our core activity around the use of IT technology for the power industry. Christoph Brunner as the CEO already has 15 years experience with IEC 61850 as the convenor of the IEC 61850 working group responsible for creating and maintaining the standard.

Our services that are your key for a successful entrance to the new area of the electric grid are based on the following four components:

- Consulting
- Training
- Specification
- Realization

Through our network of partners around the world, we can assemble a global team of experts that fit your specific needs. Our customers are located in all parts of the world.

Christoph Brunner (1958) received his MSc in Electrical Engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich / Switzerland, 1982. His major areas of expertise cover Utility automation systems from control centres down to the switchgear based on the experience with the development of systems for the communication between control centres and substations and System architectures for substation automation. One core competence is data communication for utility automation. Mr. Brunner is an active member of various professional societies such as IEC, Cigré and the IEEE. As such he participates in: Swiss National Committee for TC 57 – SEV TK 57, IEC TC 57, WG 10 (convenor), WG 17, 18 and 19, IEC TC 57, SPAG, IEEE-PES and IEEE-SA, IEEE-PES-PSRC  a.o. He is author of 40 international publications.


Frankfurter Straße 110
64293 Darmstadt