NTB Technoservice, Pyrbaum (D)

NTB Technoservice is a small enterprise founded in 2005. The main business subject is the consulting, selection, purchase and delivery of electric equipment and the related project management. A consulting business was opened in January 2009 when Dr. Bernd Buchholz joined the company after leaving Siemens to contribute in consultancy. NTB Technoservice contributes in W2E with its excellent experience in the strategic concepts and in project management.

Tasks and responsibilities

  • Project management, coordination of consortia meetings, status reports, documentation, progress assessment
  • Supportive strategic assistance for all project tasks
  • Coordination of dissemination, PR, publications
  • Exploitation manager
  • Coordination of the benefit analysis and the exploitation concept

Bernd Michael Buchholz (1948)
received his MSc and PhD at the Power Engineering Institute in Moscow in 1973 and 1976 respectively. In 36 years he gained in 36 years excellent experience as project manager, later director of the Institute of Energy Supply in Dresden, as manager of development for protection and control with Siemens, as editor of the IEC 61850 communication standard and as president of the global consulting enterprise "Siemens – Power Technologies International". These experiences cover a broad field including power system planning, protection and control, ICT applications and communication standards for power systems, network integration of dispersed generation and the management of large international projects. He published 140 scientific papers in 6 languages and was awarded by CIGRE, IEEE and VDE. Dr. Buchholz is the initiator of the project Web2Energy.

Michaela Ahner (1977) received her MSc (Dipl. Komm. Wirt.) in the "Science of communication and strategic planning" at the University of Berlin in 2004. Between 2004 and 2006 she was project manager with the Society for Innovative Market Investigations in Berlin. In 2007 she joined NTB Technoservice as a project coordinator and head of the Berlin office of the company.


Frankfurter Straße 110
64293 Darmstadt