UTInnovation B.V., Duiven (NL)

UTInnovation is a consulting firm for the power industry. The services and training we provide are focused on the implementation of practical solutions in various areas. UTInnovations is the company for IEC 61850 "Communication networks and systems for power utility automation" and all its related topics. In addition the company provides services in the areas of Smart Grid, Advanced Metering Infrastructures and Power Quality. UTInnovation offers cost effective solutions, maximizing the benefits from the opportunities provided by modern technologies. These solutions are supported by the experts that possess in-depth knowledge of engineering, system integration and supporting tools. UTInnovation supports in Web2Energy the implementation of IEC 61850 into all components and serves as a gateway to the IEC bodies.

Marco. C. Janssen (1966) is the Chief Executive Officer of UTInnovation. He received his B.Sc. degree in electrical engineering from the Institute of Technology, specialization energy technology, Polytechnic Arnhem, The Netherlands. His area of expertise covers Conventional Control Systems and Substation Automation, Protective Relaying, Quality Assurance / Quality Surveillance, Standardized Communication, Advanced Metering Infrastructures and Smart Grids. Marco C. Janssen is involved in the work on the standards series IEC 16850 since 1996. He is actively working in several international projects regarding the definition of implementation strategies for IEC 61850 and Smart Grids and published over 24 international papers. He is also the writer of the "I Think" column in the Protection, Automation & Control World magazine.

Edwin Melenhorst (1969) studied Electrical Engineering at Eindhoven University and received his B.Sc. degree in 1996. Edwin is a leading expert in designing and implementing both embedded software as well as user applications. During his career he has setup an IEC 61850 Conformance Test laboratory for a leading test laboratory. He has developed and maintained simulators and analyzers for the IEC 61850 protocol and has performed many protocol trainings, product trainings and conformance tests abroad. He is an IEC 61850 protocol expert (SCL, services, data modeling, implementation) with broad practical and theoretical experience in substation automation. Edwin is one of UTInnovation's key consultants for advising manufacturers, research institutes and utilities in the implementation and use of IEC 61850.


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