Third parties

HSE cooperates with the service and trading companies operating in the supply area:

ENTEGA Privatkunden GmbH & Co. KG is the trader and sales company for electricity, gas and heat. Entega Vertrieb is a subsidiary (74.9%) of HSE. Entega Vertrieb GmbH is responsible for the relations with the clients and special market investigations. Entega Vertrieb GmbH is holding the contracts with the customers involved in this project for the supply of energy.

COUNT+CARE GmbH (formerly ENTEGA Service GmbH) is the billing company that is going to handle the billings for all the customers involved in this project. COUNT+CARE GmbH is a subsidiary (74.9%) of HSE. COUNT+CARE GmbH provides the knowledge of the assets that are used in this project. The company is responsible for services, maintenance, spare parts etc. in the supply area. They employ the needed workforce for installations.

These companies have framework contracts with HSE and DNO. ENTEGA Vertrieb GmbH & Co. KG and COUNT+CARE GmbH are going to be involved in the project as third parties. They are represented in the consortium by HSE AG.

Delphin Informatika, Moscow (RF)
Otto-von-Guericke University will use the Russian enterprise Delphin Informatika as a third party based on their scientific cooperation agreement. The company is a medium enterprise allocated in Moscow. This company has closed contacts with Russian universities and offers practical work to a number of PhD students. Delphin Informatika is a front runner in the application and the mutual conversion of IEC 61850 communication and IEC 61970 data management. They gained first project experiences in substations at the transmission level. The company has experience of technical cooperation with West European companies and has a scientific cooperation with the University of Magdeburg. A common paper "Experience of IEC 61850 application in practice" is selected for the conference CIGRE 2010. Delphin Informatika is represented by the University of Magdeburg in the consortium.


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