TNO - innovation for life, Delft (NL)

TNO is an independent research organisation whose expertise and research make an important contribution to the competitiveness of companies and organisations, to the economy and to the quality of society as a whole. TNO’s unique position is attributable to its versatility and capacity to integrate this knowledge. Innovation with purpose is what TNO stands for. We develop knowledge not for its own sake but for practical application. To create new products that make life more pleasant and valuable and help companies innovate. To find creative answers to the questions posed by society. Within TNO, Web2Energy is performed in the Energy theme by the ICT-competences group Service Enabling and Management.

René (I.G.) Kamphuis holds a PhD degree from Groningen University (NL) in chemical physics. He joined Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) in 1983 for the design and implementation of mainframe computer programs for scientific applications. Shifting his focus to distributed applications and real-time systems he was involved in a large number of projects in the energy field since then. He is involved in the Integral FP6-Energy framework as ICT-expert. Currently he is chairman of the Smart Power System ICT-working group, recently established in the Netherlands. Since April 1st Mr. Kamphuis has joint TNO in SmartGrids programme transfer from ECN to TNO.

Cor Warmer graduated as a mathematical statistician from the Universiteit van Amsterdam. He joined ECN in 1981 as a mathematics and statistics consultant in a scientific mainframe environment. He recently worked in the EU-projects PALAS, on software architectures for small scale in-home networks and energy-near service applications using last-mile access. His work focus is mainly directed on building automation and market participation of distributed energy sources. Currently, he is also involved in the SmartHouse/SmartGrid-project, in the EU ICT FP6-framework.


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